Philanthropy Sewing Day in June 2016

We enjoyed a Sewathon instead of a regular meeting this June. Below is an update about it from Pene who is the Philanthropy Chair.


I also have included pictures taken during the sew from some participants.


I would like to thank all who came on Saturday

40 quilts were given out this month to Barbara Sinatra. 

28 Quilts were received
15 were completed 
13 need batting backing and binding
18 quilt kits were assigned out

We had 20 + helper,sewers and visitors to the Sewathon
I felt for my first it was very successful.  We had a few glitches that were quickly resolved and off we went.

I have already received great comment.

We had 19 quilts in process one was completed
Kathleen Herrings niece Kyleah from New Zealand even flew in to help :-)

Again, I appreciated all that came to help, and all that dropped off quilts. My heart is full.

If anyone likes doing flannel quilts please call. I get lots of quilts tops without backing or batting. I also would like to compile a list of those who like to quilt the tops and bind or those who like to bind. I have some helpers already but need more.  If you need a kit that needs to be pre cut please let me know that as well.  




Also, I have been blessed to receive all of Geri Vander Dussen's fabric stash. What I need most is backing and batting. So if you want to take a quilt top and complete that please let me know. Anyone that would like to help pre cutting fabric for quilt tops please contact me and we can make arrangements to meet on a Sunday at Shadow Hills Clunhouse. We meet from 9-5. 

Again thanks and see you in the Fall.

Philathanropy chair. 



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