Proposed ByLaw Changes 2020

The Bylaws Review Committee 2020, comprised of Judi Moran as Chair, Annie Houston, Heather Keenan, Theresa Lake and Kim Johnson, met by Zoom to consider changes to the Bylaws and Standing Rules.  As per our Bylaws, the following changes, approved by the Board, are being presented to the membership at large in this newsletter, will be presented at the September meeting, and then voted on by the members at the October meeting.
1.  Under Article IV Section 8 A, remove "8B" so that Section 8A shall read:
" Maintain control and inventory of the Opportunity Quilt and its quilt frame.  (See Standing Rule 9.)"
2.  Under Article VI Section 1, add a second sentence so that Article VI, Section 1 shall read:
"The general meetings will be held on the second Saturday of every month, except the months of July and August, at a place determined by the Board, unless otherwise ordered by the Guild.  The general meetings will be either physical or virtual, as determined by the Board."
3.  Under Article VI Section 2, insert the words "physical or virtual" so that Article VI, Section 2 shall read:
"At all meetings of the membership, physical or virtual, the members in attendance shall constitute a quorum."
4.  Under Article VIII, add a Section 3 to deal with balance retention, so that Article VIII, Section 3 shall read:
"The Board as described in Article IV shall on an annual basis in August review the cash balance available as of June 30 with the goal of maintaining balances that will provide for a year of operations.  If at that time, that balance is less than the operating expenses for the prior year, plus any known obligations not reflected in the prior year's financial statements, the Board shall consider measures to increase revenues or decrease expenditures.  These measures should include membership dues, programs and rent, as these budget items represent the more significant ones that can have an impact."
5.  Under Standing Rules, 1.  General Meetings A., add the words "for both physical and virtual meetings", so that Standing Rules 1. A. shall read:
"Guests are welcome.  There shall be a guest fee for both physical and virtual meetings, to be determined by the Board."


For a complete current copy of the Coachella Valley Quilt Guild By-laws, November 2018 click on the download below.

Coachella Valley Quilt Guild Bylaws effective November 2018
CVQG Bylaws - effectiveNov 2018.1.pdf
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