Zoom Meeting Hints

pastedGraphic.pngIt is always better to join Zoom and use the audio (speaker and microphone) from the same device you are using to Zoom.  You can call in to the meeting separately on a phone and use your computer for video but it isn't as nice an experience for you or your Zoom attendees. 

  • Where things can be found on the screen (upper right, lower left, etc.) are different depending on whether you are using a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device.  However the controls are the same so try to locate them on your device as we go through them. 

pastedGraphic.png Tool Bar at the lower left corner of screen (laptop or desktop) or pop down from top tool bar on ipad or iphone

pastedGraphic.png Microphone 

pastedGraphic.png Mute and Unmute yourself by clicking on microphone icon

pastedGraphic.png Look for the red slash through the microphone to know you are muted

pastedGraphic.png Recommend stay on mute unless actively participating in conversation


pastedGraphic.png Video Camera

pastedGraphic.png Start and stop your camera by clicking on camera

pastedGraphic.png Turn off your camera temporarily if you are moving around or need to stop sharing for whatever reason

pastedGraphic.png Zoom is best with video to turn it on and let us see your smiling face!


pastedGraphic.png Right click on the bottom right corner of your picture to rename yourself, it makes meetings much nicer to see everyone's first and last name, especially if you are in a meeting where you don't know everyone. 



pastedGraphic.png Clicking on the upper right corner the "change view icon" allows you to control how you see others in the meeting. It will not change other attendees’ screens

  • Speaker - Display a large view of the person currently speaking and no one else. (pin/unpin)
  • How to adjust views during “share screen” activities

pastedGraphic.png Thumbnail - Displays a large view of the speaker with a scaled down version of Gallery view (showing up to 8 participants)

pastedGraphic.png Gallery - displays up to 25 participants all at once, if there are more people you can use the arrows to scroll through. 


Middle tool bar (laptop or desktop)

pastedGraphic.png Participants 

pastedGraphic.png Click on this to get a participants window to open

pastedGraphic.png Here you can also tell if you are muted and your video is on or off by the red slash through the symbols next to your name.

pastedGraphic.png At the bottom of the participant box you can "raise your hand" to talk.  Use this to have the host take you off mute to let you speak.  In large meetings you will be muted by the host automatically. 

pastedGraphic.png Chat

pastedGraphic.png Click on this to get a chat window to open

pastedGraphic.png You can send a text message to the host only, to everyone in the meeting, or to a person in the meeting privately.  If you private message only that person can see it.  If you use everyone then everyone in the meeting can see it, so make sure your comments are appropriate!

pastedGraphic.png Share Screen

pastedGraphic.png If this is turned on, the host can let you share your screen.    This can be useful if you wanted to show a picture of your work (Show and Share) or during our virtual studio tours if you are not able to send to Annie ahead of time.

Virtual Backdrops and Video Filters

pastedGraphic.png Reactions

  • Shows a Thumbs Up or Applause on your photo/video.



End Meeting

pastedGraphic.png Click on Leave meeting in lower right corner of screen if on a laptop or desktop

pastedGraphic.png Ipad or iphone look for end or leave meeting at upper left corner of screen

pastedGraphic.png You leaving the meeting will not end the meeting, so if others stay and chat their connection will not be lost.  Only the host can end the meeting for everyone.