Programs 2025

The Coachella Valley Quilt Guild presents excellent speakers, including nationally known teachers and lecturers, that provide insight to a wide variety of topics related to quilting, from traditional to modern, from piecing techniques to design embellishments. The lecture presentations are given immediately after our monthly Saturday membership meetings, and classes are usually held on the Sunday following the meeting at the same facility or on Zoom.  Classes can fill up fast, so if you see one that interests you click the PayPal button to sign up or contact the Programs VP, Judy Block and Cheryl Taylor, at


Meetings of the Coachella Valley Quilt Guild will be hybrid meetings -- in person at University of Riverside, Palm Desert Campus and on Zoom -- January through May and September through November.  June, July and August will be Zoom only.  December is our Holiday Luncheon.



Classes will either be in person or Zoom but not hybrid.  Check below for more information.


January Meeting -- Saturday, January 11, 2025

Jean Impey


Finding Your Passion and Running With It 

Hybrid Meeting -- Speaker on Zoom

Meeting starts at 10:00am 

Program starts at 11:00am


Discover "Finding Your Passion and Running With It" with Jean Impey, where you'll delve into the art of quilting and uncovering what makes your work unique. Inspired by the captivating spider web design that sparked her creative journey, this lecture is a testament to pursuing your artistic style and passion. With a large trunk show of quilts, including the renowned Spider Web Series, Jean shares her personal journey of creativity and discovery. Whether in person or through a dynamic digital presentation, attendees will not only be inspired but also gain practical insights and a tutorial, making this a must-attend event for quilting enthusiasts seeking to elevate their craft through passion-driven creativity.

January Workshop -- Sunday, January 12, 2025

Jean Impey



The Magic of Fabulous Faces


In person class at UCR Palm Desert 

9am -- 4pm


Sign up now for "The Magic of Fabulous Faces," a unique workshop born from the dynamic collaboration between renowned quilters Freddy Moran and Jean Impey, who teach independently and sometimes together. Since 2017, these two energetic and inspiring artists have combined their love of quilting, friendship, and talents to create an explosion of creativity. In this workshop, you'll learn to craft expressive quilted faces using simple materials like a glue stick and basic design principles. Jean will guide you through her signature quilting techniques—"Pencil Quilting" and "Sketchy Quilting"—to bring your designs to life. This in-person workshop promises to be an enjoyable and enlightening experience for quilters of all levels. Don't miss the chance to learn from Jean's expertise and create your own fabulous faces!


Watch the website or guild email blasts about signing up for this class!

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