Doors opened at 9am and closed at noon.

Joslyn Senior Center

73750 Catalina Way

Palm Desert

Check out the fun!!!

The March 16 Sew What Table was a resounding success!  I know, you've heard me rave about the great results before, and it just keeps getting better.  Here are the highlights:


  • We had a record number of people show up:  127 signed in.  
  • We banked our 2nd highest amount in at least 4 years.  
  • We left The Joslyn Center with 58 empty bins!  That means that you, dear shoppers, went home with a lot of great stuff!  That included everything from gorgeous fabrics to color-sorted bags of scraps; from quilting cotton to flannel and fleece to non-(traditional)-quilting-cotton.  
  • In addition, we emptied 6 boxes of notions, tools and patterns.  
  • AND we sold a sewing machine and a serger.  
  • New members joined the Guild and received $25 gift certificates, which they promptly spent!


We drew names for not one, but TWO "shopping spree" prizes.  The winners each had 2 minutes to fill a tote bag with the fabric of their choice.  In addition, we gave away 10 small bags of fabric and notions as door prizes.  


We're taking donations for the next Sew What Table, but it's not for a while, so you have time to sew some great projects with the fabrics you bought on Saturday and get ready.  If you have relatively small amounts of fabric and notions, you can bring them to me at the Joslyn Center any Tuesday between 9 and 11:30, though I would appreciate a "heads-up" email or call to let me know you're coming, to make sure I have room in my car for them.  If you have a large donation, please contact me to make arrangements.  And if Tuesdays don't work for you, please contact me.


The volunteers who made this event possible are many: Thirteen people prepared fabrics and notions for the sale; and 22 worked on the day of the event, several of them also working the day before on setup.  The total number of volunteers who brought the Sew What Table to you is thirty!  


The next Sew What Table event will be on December 7, so mark you calendars now.  See you there!





Joslyn Senior Center


The last Sew What Table of 2023 was a big hit with the 84 people who were there!  Everyone seemed delighted with the reduced prices and free give-aways.  Tony DeZego was our MC and got everyone's attention for door prize drawings every 15 minutes.  Then, after the last of those, we spontaneously added one more drawing for a FREE SHOPPING SPREE!  Sharon Lubetsky was the lucky winner, and she got to fill an oversized shopping bag with fabric of her choice for free!!  Even with the reduced prices and free gifts, we raised more than $2500.  And if you were thinking about making an offer for one of the beautiful Singer sewing machines that were for sale, you waited too long - they were both sold yesterday.  
We signed up new members, who received - and used - their $25 Sew What Table gift certificates.  Watch for their introduction at the November meeting.
As always, I am very thankful for the wonderful hard-working crew, who continue to come back to do it again and again.  I'd like to give a special thanks to someone I'm afraid I usually forget to mention, but Robert Tucker is always there to take wonderful pictures and share them on Facebook, giving our events much-needed publicity.  There were a few people who reported that they heard about the Sew What Table on Facebook, so we know it's working!  Thank you, Robert!  I'd also like to send a special thanks to the people who step up to help us even though they're not Guild members, and not quilters.  Judi Brown, Cliff Jolley, Tom Gardiner - we appreciate what you do for the Guild!  And thank you to all of you who come to shop and share the smiles and laughter that are always a big part of our events.
Next year's Sew What Table dates will be announced at the Holiday Party in December, so watch for that announcement.  In the meantime, I can tell you that I have received notice from at least 6 people that they will be making fabric donations in the near future, and one of those donations will be quite large.  This means that you'll have lots of beautiful new fabric to look forward to at the next event.

If you are wanting to bust your stash or have someone in your friendship circle or family member who needs to get rid of fabric please call. 

All funds received from the sale goes to help the general fund.


To make a donation, please contact Leslie Herbst at



Many, many thanks to everyone who helped out with the Sew What Table on May 20 – from those who donated fabric and other stuff, to those who helped measure, tag and price everything, to the ones who helped set it up and run it, and clean up afterwards – AND those who came to shop!!  There are a lot of people involved in putting on this event, and it pays off every time! 

We raised money to operate the guild and signed up 5 new members.  Philanthropy collected 4 quilts, 9 placemats and 12  burp cloths, and gave out 14 more burp cloth kits.  It was too late in the year to allow many of the snowbirds to come, so our attendance was down from February; 70 people signed in.  And while I was sick and unable to attend, myself, I did hear from quite a few people that THEY HAD FUN!!  And for me, that alone makes the event a success! 

We tried out a couple new things this time.  We arranged the tables differently and were able to get more tables in the room, displaying more fabric at one time.  That seemed to work out well.  And we added a new procedure to make the check-out process faster.  It seems to have been an improvement, and we’ll continue to tweak the process for even greater improvement. 

Next Sew What Table will be Saturday, November 4, from 9 to 11.  So mark you calendars, plan to come, and remember us if you have any quilting fabric, tools, or notions you can donate.  Drop off small donations any Tuesday at The Joslyn Center between 9 and 11:30, or at any scheduled Philanthropy drop-off, or contact me to make arrangements.

Sew What Table Event -- Saturday, February 18, 2023-


The Sew What Table held on February 18 was another huge success!!  This has become the Guild’s major source of revenue, over the 3 events we have through the year. 

Shoppers came out in record numbers:  85 people signed in to shop.  I should mention that our crew of 20 people working at the event also shop – I’ve never included them (us!) in the door count before, and I’m not sure why.  I will include this count from now on.  (I do know of one additional person who is out of the country and had a designated shopper buying fabric for her!)

We also signed a record high number of new members:  16 people joined at the event and received $25 gift certificates.  Philanthropy collected quilts and placemats, and shoppers showed appreciation to the Joslyn Center for hosting us, in the form of cash and non-perishable food donations.  18 gift certificates were redeemed, giving away $450 in merchandise!

But the most notable aspect of the event, as far as I’m concerned, is how much fun everyone had!!  When I see smiles on faces, and when people come up and thank me and other crew members, I know we’re doing something right.


Now is the time to start collecting new fabrics, tools, and notions for the next Sew What Table – which will be held on Saturday, May 20.  If you’ve been thinking about cleaning out your stash, this would be a good time.  If you know someone who has a large stash to give away, please put them in touch with me.  Here are some guidelines for the things we’re looking for:

Quilting Cotton –

·        yardage

·        small pieces of at least ¼ yard by WOF or at least equivalent to a fat quarter

Other fabrics may be accepted if they are typically used by art quilters or applique makers, such as good quality wool, silk, lace, etc.  (If you’re unsure – ask.)


Tools and notions – new, or used in good condition

Patterns – for quilts, accessories, home dec items.  No clothing patterns, please, except things that include typical quilting/appliqueing elements – of interest to quilters

Books and magazines, as a rule, are not accepted, unless they are unique, of interest to antique collectors, or otherwise very out of the ordinary.  (If you’re unsure – ask.)


We currently have one good “workhorse” sewing machine for sale.  It’s a Kenmore 158.17600.  You can look it up …I found only one similar to it for sale on the internet, with no power cord or accessories, for $100.  Ours DOES have a power cord and foot pedal, but no other accessories.  Our favorite sewing machine mechanic has taken a quick look at it and deemed it saleworthy.  Note, this does NOT imply a thorough inspection and certification – just a quick opinion.  (Thank you, Cheryl Taylor.)  No guarantees are offered.  I’ll entertain nearly any offer for this – just want to find it a happy home.


We’re currently looking for additional people to help in a couple areas:

-        accept donations of fabric and notions and get them to our storage unit

-        measure and price yardage in preparation for the next sale (I will provide training, to make sure we’re all doing the same thing)

If you’re interested – contact Leslie Herbst.  Guild members have my contact information in the directory.  Non-members, please send an email to Provide contact information and I will reach out to you.

And remember … If you join the Guild as a new member at any Sew What Table, you will receive a $25 off your Sew What Table purchase!!


Sew What Table --   November 5, 2022

Saturday, November 5

Thank you to all of our members and others in the community for making our November 5th, Sew What Table event a huge success!!!  Eighty people attended, 12 became new guild members, 10 renewed for 2023 and we raised a whopping $5,300 for the Guild.

We always have fun at this event, and this was no exception.  We did have some technical difficulty with our credit card reader, making our check-out line longer than expected. However, we worked through it and we owe a big thank you to our members for your patience along the way.

For the past 2.5 years, the Joslyn Center Programs Director, Melanie Lyons, has supported us by volunteering her time for our events. On November 5th, we presented her with a thank-you gift (the black-and-white stars quilt in the picture) made by guild members and lunch-bunch members.  We labeled it with a friendship star to symbolize the friendship she has shown to our quilting community.  

We’ve set the date for the next Sew What Table, before seasonal members return home. Mark this date in your calendar:  February 18, 2023


The Sew What Table Summer Clearance Event

Saturday, July 23
Joselyn Senior Center
We sold LOTS and LOTS of fabric at our summer clearance sale!  We didn't sell out completely, but we came close.  After a little break, we need to get ready for the fall event.
The Summer Clearance Sale on July 23 was a resounding success on two fronts!!  While we fell short of selling every last bit of fabric and notions, we did empty SIXTY-ONE bins, plus a good number of soft totes – (sorry, we didn’t count them) - and our storage unit is now ready to receive new donations.  So if you’re one of those people who think you have too much fabric, this would be a good time to start weeding it out and donate some of it to the guild.


The other result of this event was that we signed up THIRTEEN new members!  Welcome to all of you!  Offering a $25 gift certificate to new members signing up at the event turned out to be a successful addition.  We will definitely repeat that in the next Sew What Table. 


This Sew What Table didn’t make as much money as we’re used to, but that’s ok – that wasn’t the primary goal.  We did raise $896, however, and we’re happy with that. And another $270-worth was purchased with gift certificates.

In addition, we raised a record $217 in donations to The Joslyn Center. 


The date of the next Sew What Table will be Saturday, November 5 from 9am to 11am.  Mark your calendar!

Sew What Table

Saturday, April 23, 2022

9am to 11am

Well, our hard work paid off!  A huge thanks to those people who volunteered to prepare, setup, staff, and clean up after our Sew What Table on Saturday!  I know you worked as hard as I did, and everyone did their part extremely well. The event ran smoothly and the flow of traffic was handled expertly!


How’d we do, you want to know?


The event was fantastic!  I really thought that with some of the Snowbirds having departed, the number of shoppers would be smaller, and the financial support to the Guild would be less.  I was half right:  54 shoppers signed in, (though we think a few may have slipped through without signing in), compared to 68 in January - plus, of course, our staff of 15, who also get to shop!  But our membership, our Friendship Group neighbors, The Joslyn Center’s support, and the sewing community at large, came through in a big way because we raised exactly $10 more than we did in January!  Plus, 5 people redeemed a total of $125 worth of gift certificates.  And we’re on track to exceed our goal for the year by a wide margin!  So thank you, thank you, thank you to those to came to support us!  


In addition to what we raised for the Guild, shoppers contributed more than $140 to The Joslyn Center, plus food for Penny’s Pantry.


Keep telling your friends about the Sew What Table.  The next event - in the Fall - will be a little different!  Stay tuned for more details later in the year. 


If you have fabric to donate, or any questions about the Sew What Table,  or if you have input to help us improve our events, contact me -- I’d love to talk to you.  I’m particularly interested in expanding our promotion of these events, so if you want to help with that, please let me know.


I don’t have a Sew What Table Finds item for you today.  Maybe we’ll run across something great for next time!  Till then – keep quilting, and have fun!!


Sew What Table

Saturday, January 15, 2022


What a wonderful sale Leslie Herbst and her team put on at the Joslyn Senior Center.  There was more than enough wonderful fabric, quilting tools, books, patterns and much more to go around.  If you are a scrap quilter you could fill a large bag for $1 of a wide variety of scraps.  Altogether they made $3292.32 to help fund guild activities.  


Thank you to Leslie and her team and to all the shoppers for raising so much money.  Watch the email blasts, website and newsletter for the next Sew What Table event.



9:30AM TO 12:00PM


 Saturday, March 27, 2021

 Joslyn Senior Center parking lot



The Sew What Table on March 27 was a huge success, thanks to all of you who came out to support the Guild!  There were 41 people who shopped in our outdoor location in Joslyn Center’s parking lot in Palm Desert.  (Some even came back for a 2nd go at it!!)  And we raised over $2000!  Lots of people thanked us and said they had a lot of fun – including me and ALL of the other people who helped staff the event – and I heard a lot of comments about the quantity and variety of fabric, notions, and books that were available.  We collected $150 in donations to the Joslyn Center, and some people brought food for Joslyn’s food program.  Our thanks go to Joslyn for supporting us, even though they’re closed due to the pandemic.

We have received new donations that we will be getting ready to offer to you at one more Sew What Table before summer.  Keep an eye on the Guild website and watch your email for the announcement.  If you’re not on our mailing list and want to be added, send an email to or go to our HOME page and click on the link at the bottom. You do not have to be a member to receive the newsletter, or to participate in the Sew What Tables.


My special thanks go to the people who worked with me to make this happen:  Jerilynn Williams, Karon Patterson, Treese Pflum, Cheryl Taylor, Kim Johnson, Pene Owens, Marcia Ulrich, Joan Kiening, Fran Jones Anita Holden, Tony DeZego, Brian Brown and last (but certainly not least) Alan Cargaro.  You guys rock!!!  

If you have questions about the Sew What Table or have quilting fabric to donate, please contact me, Leslie Herbst,

Sew what table at UCR