Coachella Valley Quilt Guild

January/February 2022 Newsletter

Message from the President

Happy New Year, Guild Members!


It is always nice to start something new — whether it be a new quilt or sewing project or a new year.  I am looking forward to 2022 with hopefully more in person meetings, a new Opportunity Quilt, our quilt show and new speakers and classes.  There is so much going on!


One new thing you might have noticed is our re-designed logo.  We still have the wonderful sun of the Coachella Valley but our Membership Chair, Tony DeZego, has revamped it with a new crisper look that I think is wonderful and hope that you enjoy it.  This new logo will be gracing our newsletters and email blasts as well as new name tags that are on a lanyard and membership cards.  Thank you, Tony, for your work in presenting this to the board and having it approved.  

After a year without an Opportunity Quilt, our VP Opportunity Quilts, Theresa Lake, will be unveiling our 2022 quilt at the January meeting. It is quite a stunner so make sure you are at the meeting either in person or on Zoom.  Thank you to guild member Ted Turner for his creativity and wonderful work.


I have my quilt entry for the Desert Guilds Quilt Show — although I seem to keep changing my mind about which one I want to put in.  I guess I will have to make my mind before January 22 as that is when the entry forms are due in.  However, I still need to finish my miniature entry and work on my challenge.  (Remember what I said about starting new projects?  I love the starting and now am working on the finishing.)


Have a read through the newsletter to get more information on our upcoming show (March 4 and 5, 2022) and how you can be involved.  The goal of the guild is to promote the art of quilting and the show is a great opportunity to share the beauty and fun of the craft of quilting.  So invite your neighbors and friends and their friends for a day of immersion of all things quilting.


Kathleen Herring, President

Desert Guilds Show, March 4-5, 2022

Help make the guild’s show a success by entering quilts in the various areas — Main Entry, Challenge and Miniatures, making items for the boutique, offering quilts for sale, and by volunteering at the show. 


Quilts for the Main Entry at our Desert Guilds Quilt Show need to be entered this month by downloading the entry form, taking a photo of your quilt (for identification purposes only) and yourself to be displayed next to your quilt and $5 and sending it in by January 22, 2022.  In the Main Entry you can enter a wall hanging, throw, bed  quilt, art quilt, etc.  If you have never entered a quilt show this is an opportunity to do that and help promote quilting and our guild.  You need to be one of the first 40 people from our guild to enter to have your quilt accepted to the show. We already have one person who has entered their quilt. The entry form is on the Desert Guilds Quilt Show website and on our website.


You can find more information on the show in other parts of our newsletter and on the show and guild websites.  Be ready to join us for two fun days at the Pavilion in Palm Springs.


Kathleen Herring, President and Desert Guilds Quilt Show Chair

Desert Guilds Quilt Show Miniature Quilts: Call for Entries

Calling all Miniaturists and Artists!  It is time to prepare your miniature quilts and miniature art quilts for the Desert Guilds Quilt Show 2022.  The guests that attend the show will be voting on the best miniature quilt and the best miniature art quilt.  Last show (held in 2020) our very own Kathy Dunham won in the miniature art quilt division for her “Beaded Beauty”.

The rules are simple.  Submissions cannot exceed a 72” perimeter.  Every submission must have an entry form, a label, and a picture.  I will be collecting submissions starting in January at our in-person meetings and will have other ways (probably Monica’s parking lot) to collect your submissions if you choose not to attend the in-person meetings.


I know, as a new quilter, I wasn’t sure what the difference was between the two categories.  After some research, I found that a miniature quilt, is just that!  Small versions of full-sized quilts.  Miniature art quilts are a no holds barred level of quilting.  No rules, you get to play outside the lines.  So, in my mind, a miniature quilt represents something I could put on my bed (if it were big enough) and a miniature art quilt is something I could not put on my bed.

You can access the submission form for your entry here. You can reach me (Stephanie Beasley) at 210-300-8259 or  I cannot wait to see all of your beautiful quilts.


Stephanie Beasley, Desert Guilds Show Miniature Quilt Coordinator 

Desert Guilds Show Boutique

Happy new year everyone, if you are like me, part of my New Year celebration includes creating a list of all the projects I need to get done in 2022. This year I’m faced with two graduations and two weddings I’m preparing quilts for. The first wedding is in March and the next three events all happen in June. Looks like the the first half of my year will have me at my machine every week. No matter what your year holds I hope you are planning a donation to the Quilt Show Boutique. We have already had several of you donate but we still need quite a few items to to make us shine. Looking back on past shows some of the most popular items sold were the quilted bowls, thread catchers and place mats. So get out that fabric and get busy. I will be at Monica’s every Tuesday from now until March if you would like to drop off your items. Hope to see you soon.


Theresa Hanada, Boutique Chair


All admissions to the 2022 Quilt Show will be paid, including volunteers. 


Guild members will be able to purchase advance, 2 day tickets, to the show for $8.00.  These tickets are for the use of the member only. They cannot be used for family members or friends. Members will receive a separate pass for each day and should be prepared to show guild membership cards. These passes are available as presale only.


All tickets sold on the day of the show (even for members) will be general admission ticket prices..........$10.00 per day.


Member passes will be exchanged at the ticket booth for the normal entry tickets and surrendered at the door as are general public admission tickets. 


Re-entry for the day will be the hand stamp which is the same for general admission 

Door prize winners will be designated by a stamp on the back of the normal entry ticket. 

These stamps will be put on the back of the tickets randomly in advance of sale or exchange. Winning ticket holders will receive a door prize coupon to a vendor at the show and will surrender the coupon to the vendor when presented with the door prize. Members are eligible for these prizes if they receive a stamped ticket.


Kim Carlson


A big thank you to the quiltmaker of the 2022 Opportunity Quilt.  The reveal will take place at our January hybrid meeting.  How exciting!  Even though the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival is not going ahead this year, there are lots of opportunities for all members to sell tickets.  We will be selling tickets at the Desert Guilds Quilt Show, so we will be looking for volunteers to sell tickets there as well.  Each member also receives 2 books of tickets as part of their yearly membership.  These tickets can be picked up at the meeting, in person, or simply email me and alternate arrangements can be made.


Theresa Lake, VP Opportunity Quilt

Holiday Silent Auction, Thank You!!

Thanks to all of you who contributed items to our Holiday Silent Auction - they were fabulous!!!  And also a very big thank you to all those who bid on these items.  You were all generous and because of your generosity, we raised more money for our guild than we have in the past.  That money will be put to good use funding our programs, and classes.

Thanks again everyone - what a great guild we have.


Janna Calkins, Parliamentarian


Happy New Year Everyone! 


Hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did.  I was able to spend time with my family including my grandson. What fun it is to watch a 2 year old tear into presents!  The upcoming meeting for January will be another hybrid of Zoom and in person meeting at UCR.  We have space for 40 guild members and/or guests on January 8. Doors open at 9:15am and the meeting starts at 10am.  You will need to be fully vaccinated, and will need to fill out a wellness form prior to attending.  Masks will be required and we will observe social distancing.  Parking is free for guild members attending the meeting  in person.  Be mindful of the Covid testing station set up in the same parking lot we use.  Stay to the right (West) side of the parking lot and you will be fine. Watch for the upcoming email to sign-up for the in person portion of the meeting.  The combo meeting in November was very successful and we hope to see you in person or online via Zoom.  


Treese Pflum, VP Facilities

Charity Quilts

As we look forward to the New Year it’s rewarding to look back at the number of quilts the Guild members have donated for Philanthropy.  Since July, we have received 146 quilts.  Donations were made to Olive Crest, Barbara Sinatra, Bristol Hospice and Family Hospice.  There have been four $25 Sew What Table Certificates awarded. The winners are selected monthly in a drawing.  Each quilt donated receives one chance in the draw. You can be the lucky winner!

If you have a quit to donate, you may bring it to the in person meeting at UCR.  Don’t forget to leave your name so you can be entered in our next drawing.  Also we will be collecting charity quilts at the Sew What Table Event on January 15th at the Joslyn Center. 


We have a number of finished tops including backs and batting that need to be quilted if you’re interested in picking up a “quilt bundle” at UCR or the Joslyn Center.  This is a great opportunity to practice your quilting and help out our community.


Just a quick reminder to our existing members and also information for all our new members.  Standard quilt size is about 40” x 60”, but smaller is perfectly acceptable for children and as lap quilts.  Please wash your quilts before dropping them off.  All quilts must be washed before being donated so this helps us tremendously.  Thank you for your generosity and hard work. All of the quilts are very much appreciated by the recipients.  We love seeing the beautiful quilts you donate!


Judi Moran & Jackie Mason, Philanthropy Co-Chairpersons

Sew What Table

Happy New Year!  We’re going to begin the year with the Sew What Table on January 15.  It will again be at the Joslyn Center, where you’ll enter on the east side of the building (along San Pascual Ave.).  The doors will open at 9am, and a signup sheet will be distributed in January.  You’ll need to sign up for a specific start time, and you’ll need to wear a mask to enter The Joslyn Center.  Watch your email for the notice – those early slots always fill up first!


We’ve got a few unusual items this month.  


Singer Featherweight 221, 1947

This machine is in good working condition – sews a beautiful straight stitch.  It’s a collector’s item, selling anywhere from $220 to as high as $700 on the internet (plus shipping).  Cheryl Taylor has agreed to give it a good cleaning and servicing after the 1st of the year.  Comes with everything shown in these pictures, plus a buttonhole attachment, the foot pedal and power cord, which didn’t make it into the pictures!  Contact me to make an offer.  



10 pieces of leather, each 10” x 16”, in assorted browns and blacks.  I’m asking $6 each, or $50 for all 10. Contact me to make an offer.


Clothes Rack

Heavy duty folding clothes rack on wheels, holds up to 200 lbs, collapses for easy storage.  Sells for $60 new.  Contact me … you know the rest!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Leslie Herbst, Sew What Table Coordinator,

Save the date for upcoming sampler platters

Global Quilt Connection will be hosting three sampler platters this year!

  • Saturday March 19, 2022 noon-3pm and Sunday March 20, 2022 noon-3pm
  • Saturday July 30, 2022 noon-3pm and Sunday July 31, 2022 noon-3pm
  • Saturday September 17, 2022 noon-3pm and Sunday September 18, 2022 noon-3pm

Links to these virtual events will be sent to members when the dates get closer.

2021/2022 Board Members and Committee Chairs

Kathleen Herring, President

Treese Pflum, VP Facilities

Kim Johnson, VP Opportunity Quilt

Theresa Lake, VP Opportunity Quilt

Annie Houston, VP Programs

Heather Keenan, VP Programs

Patti Reyes, Secretary

Calvin Trimpey, Treasurer

Tony DeZego, Membership

Janna Calkins, Parliamentarian

Kelley Bachli, Newsletter

Robert Tucker, Facebook

Jackie Mason, Philanthropy

Judi Moran, Philanthropy

Kathleen Herring, Website

Leslie Herbst, Sew What Table