Guild Challenge

Stretch your mind (and maybe your quilting skills) as you bring back memories of the Beatles!!

The Beatles Quilt Challenge


Your quilt needs to be inspired by the title of one of The Beatles songs.


The quilt must be made newly for this challenge


The quilt can be any size as long as it is not larger than 24 x 24 inches


The quilt can  be traditional or modern in design. Art quilts are encouraged.


This challenge is open to any Coachella Valley Quilt Guild member.


Once your quilt is finished a photograph of your quilt needs to be email to Robert Tucker by clicking here.


Deadline — February 6, 2021 so they can be shown at the February meeting and voted on at the March meeting.


Prizes for first, second and third viewer’s choice.


For inspiration you can google Beatles song list and see 100’s of songs they have done.