The Coachella Valley Quilt Guild presents excellent speakers, including nationally known teachers and lecturers, that provide insight to a wide variety of topics related to quilting, from traditional to modern, from piecing techniques to design embellishments. The lecture presentations are given immediately after our monthly Saturday membership meetings, and classes are usually held on the Sunday following the meeting at the same facility or on Zoom.  Classes can fill up fast, so if you see one that interests you click the PayPal button to sign up or contact the Programs VP, Cheryl Quesnell or Nancy Wilhelm at


Meetings of the Coachella Valley Quilt Guild will be hybrid meetings -- in person at University of Riverside, Palm Desert Campus and on Zoom -- January through May and September through November.  June, July and August will be Zoom only.  December is our Holiday Luncheon.


Classes will either be in person or Zoom but not hybrid.  Check below for more information.

November Meeting -- Saturday, Nov 12, 2022

Lyric Montgomery Kinard

The Elements of Art for Every Quilter


Meeting begins at 10:00am

Program begins at 11:00am


Kick-start your creativity and learn about the basic elements and principles of good design. Learn why some colors fizz while others explode, why some quilts calm and some excite. Examples from every genre in the quilt world show how you can use a broader color palette to showcase your favorite blue, or more intentional methods for using differently scaled prints.

This lecture will help you learn few simple tools from the artist's kit that will help you take your work, whether traditional or contemporary, to the next level. Audience participation keeps viewers engaged after the lights go down and the gorgeous quilts go up on your screen.

Lyric translates the language of ART into delightful and simple to understand concepts and presents them in such an entertaining and practical way that everyone goes home thinking, "I can do that!" She is on a crusade to convince every quilter that they can use the principles of art in whatever kinds of quilts they love to create.

November Class -- Saturday, Nov 12, 2022

Lyric Montgomery Kinard

Bead It Like You Mean It

2pm to 5pm

NOTE:  This is a 3 hour Zoom following the morning meeting.




Add beads of all shapes and sizes to your quilts and wearable art, easily and after you are done quilting. Here’s the prize: no knots or mess on the back! Learn to embellish in a way that adds to the overall design instead of looking like an afterthought.

Students will create a small fabric flower collage on batting and learn different beading techniques such as solid line bead embroidery, attaching bugle beads, and creating a beaded bezel used to attach a cabochon to the fabric’s surface.

Click here for the supply list.

Optional kits that include needed supplies are available at this link:

$30.00 plus shipping. Please order 7 days before live-virtual class to guarantee timely arrival of your kit. 


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