Coachella Valley Quilt Guild

March/April 2021 Newsletter

Message from the President


Greetings Everyone!


I don’t know about you but I feel like there is so much going on even with still staying close to home.  What is it going to be like when we can be out and about again?  As I write this I just finished Jean Impey’s Basket Case class and am working on some virtual classes from QuiltCon — more projects to add to my pile of things I need to finish.  


The guild has had two very successful meetings and virtual classes so far this year.  I am so glad that you are enjoying our speakers and there is more to come with speakers and then a class in March and plans for April through November.  And that is just the meetings and not the rest of the activities and challenges.


I can hardly wait to see the results from the Beatles Challenge after you vote for your favorite quilt.  Remember they are posted on our website so that you can examine them at your leisure and be ready to vote at our March meeting.  There are some really great quilts there.


But of course the challenges are not over.  We are just starting the Desert Guilds Quilt Show challenge — Fortune Cookie.  I wonder what my fortune is going to hold for me when I get my packet?  If you missed getting a packet in February, Robert Tucker will have them at the next Sew What Table event or you can order one through the website to be mailed to you later in the month.


Speaking of the quilt show, it is not too early to start planning what quilt(s) you will enter — besides the challenge of course.  There is the miniature section that you can enter with multiple entries.  And there is the main entry of wall hangings, throws, bedquilts, art quilts, etc.  If you have never entered a quilt show this is an opportunity to do that.  You just need to fill out an application this fall, take a picture of your quilt and yourself and send it in.  The show is not juried, but you do have to be one of the first 40 people from our guild to enter to have your quilt accepted to the show.  


Do check out the newsletter for upcoming activities and programs.  We will be starting our first QuiltAlong in March so look for those details.  I am looking forward to the QuiltAlong since it is something I have never done and I love the look of the quilt they have chosen — Simply Woven.  


So happy quilting and stay safe,


Kathleen Herring, President

Virtual Quilting classes-Are you In?

Have you been thinking about signing up for one of our virtual classes with the guild, but are not sure if the experience will be the same?  

Of course online line classes aren’t quite the same as in person, you might be missing that hug from a friend or be able to take a break and walk around the room to see what everyone is working on, but it can be a really great experience!  

  1. Your sewing room right at your fingertips!  I don’t know about you, but the thought of packing everything up to haul to a class room throws me into planning overdrive.  What if I forgot something important?  What if I want that fabric? Should I bring it just in case?  I end up over packing or worse under packing and my back pays the price!    Taking classes online means you has your entire room readily available!  You might not get to borrow and try out a new gadget from your friend, but then again none of your rulers will be “adopted” into a new home by accident either! 
  2. You have your kitchen at your disposal. You have to keep up your stamina with a day of sewing, and the beauty is you have all your favorite cold drinks and snacks nearby.
  3. You still can visit with your friends, while you are working, your friends are still there to chat and the nice thing is you get to listen and talk with new people.  In a classroom, you might only be talking with your neighbor, in a Zoom classroom you get to know everyone in the class.  We can all use new friends and someone you haven’t met yet just might inspire you.

 I encourage you to sign up for March’s class with Latifah Saafir on Sunday, March 14, 2021 from 9—3.  Visit the Programs Page  to register and pay for the class.


This class uses the Glam Clam Quilt Pattern and either the The Clammy™ 8”, 10” or 12” templates.  The pattern includes baby through king sized layouts and you can make any size that you would like.  Note that the only quilts that may be finished in class will be a baby sized quilt and maybe the lap sized if you’re working on a 12”. But, you will get a lot done on larger sizes and will go home confident enough in the technique to be able to finish your quilt easily.  Your pre-work before class is to cut out your whole clamshells. This can take awhile and you don’t want your whole class to be spent cutting out clamshells!


Have Fun!

Heather Keenan and Annie Houston, Programs Co-Chairs

Upcoming Programs


March Meeting and Workshop with

Latifah Saafir


Join us for her lecture "Being True to Your Inner Artist."  Latifah is known for her bold and innovative modern quilts.  She is also offering a workshop, “Glam Clam Quilt,” which is a modern twist on the classic clamshell shape, as well as an updated method to piecing it all together.  Space is still available in this workshop and you can register through our programs page.

April Meeting with Patricia Belyea, "The Alluring World of Yukata Quilts."  


A creative quilt maker, speaker and teacher, Patricia co-owns Okan Arts with her daughter Victoria. The small family business imports vintage Japanese textiles for adventuresome quilters. Patricia is the author of East-Meets-West Quilts, a book about making improv quilts with Japanese fabrics.

 April Meeting with Lori Allison, "All About Color Trunk Show"


Lori is a former Home Ec (FACS) teacher, a quilt pattern designer (Allison Quilt Designs) and now an online and show vending retailer of all Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics, books, patterns & unique quilt kits.  Her "quilt show" to the guild will be 20 of the latest quilts and wallhangings made with Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics. Join Lori for a fun, bright, colorful display featuring creative ways to use the Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics.


Nominating committee

I am so pleased to announce that we have a slate of officers who have volunteered to be on our guild board for the upcoming year. Thanks to all of them for being so willing to share their time and expertise with us. This is the slate I will be presenting at the March guild meeting, for voting on in April:


President ...................................................Kathleen Herring

Vice President of Facilities .........................Treese Pflum

Vice President of Programs .......................Annie Houston and Heather Keenan (sharing the position)

Vice President of Opportunity Quilts ..........Theresa Lake and Kim Johnson (sharing the position)

Treasurer ...................................................Cal Trimpey

Secretary ...................................................Patti Reyes

Membership ...............................................Pat Siegel

Parliamentarian .........................................Janna Calkins

Philanthropy ..............................................Jackie Mason and Judi Moran (sharing the position)


Additional nominations may be made from the floor with the written consent of the Nominee.  Officer candidates must be members in good standing, i.e., current dues paid.


Judi Moran, Nominating Committee Chair

"Simply Woven" Quilt Along

We are excited to launch CVQG’s very first Quilt Along!  Join us making this beautiful quilt that plays with strips of fabric to make them look like they are woven together.  This is the perfect stash buster, or gives you a good reason to buy that beautiful jelly roll or fabric bundle you have had your eye on.  Each week we will be giving instructions on the next step, and by the end of week six you will have a complete quilt top.  We can’t wait to see how different everyone’s quilt turns out.


We will officially start on Wednesday, March 24, with a Zoom Meeting at 7pm.  We will be discussing some fabric selection ideas, and it will be an opportunity to see everyone who is participating.  Weekly emails will instruct the next steps.  And there will be prizes!  Stay tuned for more details.  In the meantime, check out the pattern and start dreaming about what you want your Simply Woven quilt to look like.  


The quilt pattern is “Simply Woven” by Jessica Kelly and is freely available through the Moda website at


Kelley Bachli and Patti Reyes, QAL Co-Hosts


Happy Almost Spring Everyone!  Zoom meetings have really been keeping the membership attendance up and everyone seems to be enjoying the experience.  I know I have had a lot of fun with the meetings and classes/workshops.  I have been working diligently to finish the 2021 Directory and am happy to announce it will be coming your way via email in a few days.  It is an electronic version in PDF format so that you will be able to save it to your computer, phone, or ipad. Or you can print out a hard copy for reference.  
If you did not pay your membership dues for 2021 by the February meeting, you may not see your name listed.  Get your membership paid and I will include you in the update that will come out around June.  Dues are only $25 for 2021 and can be paid online on the guild website:    on that page you will find the membership form to download, fill out and mail to CVQG, P.O. Box 3121, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 attn: Membership. Or, you can pay online using a credit card or your PayPal account.  There are buttons for new members and renewals.  Any problems please let me know.  You can call me at (760) 799-3405.


Treese Pflum, Membership Chair

Donations Needed for Desert Quilt Guild Show Boutique

With spring on the way it is never to soon to start preparing your donations to our quilt show boutique. I encourage everyone to set a goal now. I’m planning on at least 4 items but who knows I may sneak in one more. Each news letter I will put forward a few ideas of  projects you may consider making. Fun projects that can be great scrap busters. I just finished two quilts and I’m planning on doing a few pin cushions I found on pinterest out of my scraps. I have saved several ideas on my Pinterest page, look me up at Theresa Hanada, Lulii Blu to see more. 


Not sure what to donate?  Think of things that you would be temped to buy when out exploring. If you are making gifts for the holidays, make an extra for the boutique. So happy sewing and remember your donations help to support our wonderful programs throughout the year. 


Theresa Hanada, Boutique Chair

Charity Quilts and Surgical Caps

Hello everyone.  I fell and broke my shoulder about three weeks ago.  I have been out of commision and still have another 3 or 4 weeks to go, but I want to thank all of ladies that so generously helped out in my absence and all the wonderful good wishes from everyone. 


We are about 200 caps to complete our goal of 1,000 surgical caps made by the guild members for Western Regional Hospital.  I am so proud, this project has been such a success.  


We are still meeting at Monica's quilt shop on THURSDAYS 10-11am to accept charity quilts and surgical caps. If you have any questions, feel free to call me 760-668-1895.  Thank you all.


Marcia Ulrich, Philanthropy Chair

2020/2021 Board Members and Committee Chairs

Kathleen Herring, President

Nancy Wilhelm, VP Facilities

Kim Johnson, VP Opportunity Quilt

Theresa Lake, VP Opportunity Quilt

Annie Houston, VP Programs

Heather Keenan, VP Programs

Patti Reyes, Secretary

Pat Siegel, Treasurer

Treese Pflum, Membership

Judi Moran, Parliamentarian

Kelley Bachli, Newsletter

Marcia Ulrich, Philanthropy

Kathleen Herring, Website

Leslie Herbst, Sew What Table