Desert Guilds Quilt Show

Friday, March 4 and Saturday, March 5, 2022

Save those dates to join us!!

Submit Your Quilts in Four Categories:


*General Quilt Entry 

One quilt can be entered by each active member of the three guilds.

There is a $5 entry form.


Click here for entry form.


*Traditional Miniature Quilt 

More than one quilt can be entered in this category


* Miniature Art Quilt

More than one quilt can be entered in this category


Click here for Miniature Quilt guidelines -- click here.


Click here of Miniature Quilt Entry Form -- click here.


* Challenge Quilt

The 2022 show challenge is Fortune Cookie.

Awards for this category are given out at the individual quilt guilds the month before the show and are displayed in full at the quilt show. Viewer's choice award presented at the show. 


Click here for Challenge Quilt guidelines.


Click here for Challenge Quilt entry forms.



Look for more information on entries on the Quilt Show Website:



The quilt show is a non-juried show.  Ribbons are awarded from the vendors, the Quilt Show Committee, and each Quilt Guild.  A Viewer's Choice Award is presented at the end of the show for each of the four categories.






Each guild can decide whether or not they want to participate in the boutique.  All items are hand made and donated by guild members.


Each guild receives the money made from items donated by their own guild.


We would love to have donations from each of you!! Please contact Theresa Hanada if you have a donation.


WOW!  It looks like the challenge has sparked a lot of interest.  Robert Tucker sold all the packets!  If you are interested, please contact Robert by clicking here and talk to him.



Remember you have until February 2022 to complete your quilt based on the fortune included in your cookie.  Our guild members will vote on Viewer's Choice at the February Meeting and then the public will vote on Viewer's choice for our guild, Cactus Sewables, and Pass Patchers entries.