Desert Guilds Quilt Show -- March 2022


It was another wonderful show put on by Cactus Sewables Quilt Guild, Coachella Valley Quilt Guild and Pass Patchers Quilt Guild. Here are the entries and winners from CVQG.  To see some from the other guilds, go to


Join us in March 2024 for our next show. Dates are Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2, 2024.


Viewers' Choice



Showcase Viewers' Choice



Loretta Duffy

Coachella Valley Quilt Guild


Fortune Cookie Challenge Viewers' Choice


Pene Owens

Coachella Valley Quilt Guild



Miniature Quilt Viewers' Choice


"The Twisted Wreathe"

Alan Calgaro

Coachella Valley Quilt Guild



Miniature Art Quilt Viewers' Choice



Cheryl Quesnell

Coachella Valley Quilt Guild

Vendor Ribbons



Nancy Wilhelm


Jane Austen Coverlet Quilt



Mary McKay


The Swimmer



Kathy Clewell


Victoria's Tikis

Committee Members Ribbons



Robert Tucker


Shifting Strata



Cherryl Chandler


Hawaiian Hibiscus Beauty



Deborah Walthert


Peacocks in My Garden



Patti Reyes


Happy Tattoos



Janice Bruell


Bargello Butterfly

Executive Board Ribbons



Loretta Duffy





Joanne Hunt


Squash Squad

CVQG Quilt Show Entries

Miniature Quilt and Art Miniatures Entries

Next Show -- March 2024

Time to start planning your quilt entry!