We started the new year off with a new logo designed by Tony DeZego.

New membership badges were given out showcasing our new brighter logo.

During our January guild meeting our 2022 opportunity quilt titled Music is Universal was revealed. Also reported, 146 charity quilts were given out between July and December 2021. 

The meeting was hybrid and masks were still required for those attending in person. To the shock and dismay our January speaker ( name withheld ) made anti white male comments and made clear her thoughts on the appropriateness of male quilters which were negative. We hope out of bad comes good and this unfortunate experience sparked a change in our bylaws which encourages inclusion of all, these changes will discourage this behavior in the future. 

Road to California quilt show took place as usual at The Ontario Convention Center. Several members had quilts in this show. Loretta Duffy and Cheryl Quesnell had quilts accepted in the main show. Robert Tucker had a quilt accepted in the Twins Challenge. Patti Reyes, Mary McKay and Hilda Koning-Bastiaan were part of the SCCQH exhibit.

February our guild guest speaker was Mel Beach. 

During this guild meeting our Fortune Cookie Challenge took place with 19 beautiful and creative entries. Just a peek at what to expect at the next months Desert Guilds Quilt Show. Cheryl Quesnall, Pene Owens and Judy Elliott received the most votes for their entries. 

The March guest speaker was Phyllis Cullen. The highlight of the month was the 12th Biennial Desert Guilds Quilt Show housed once again at The Pavilion in Palm Springs. This show consisted of the combined efforts of Cactus Sew-Ables, Pass Patchers and the Coachella Valley Quilt Guild. Awardees from our guild in this show were Loretta Duffy, Joanne Hunt, Robert Tucker, Cherryl Chandler, Deborah Walthert, Patti Reyes, Janice Bruell, Nancy Wilhelm, Calvin Trimpey, Mary McCay, Cathy Clewell, Alan Calgaro and Pene Owens. There were many entries from our guild in this show and each one a gem.

During the April guild meeting the Slate of Officers was announced by President Kathleen Herring. Also, in April we had a zoom wool embroidery sew along hosted by Joanne Hunt and Laura Fiedler. Our guest speaker at the meeting this month was Anna Maria Sonner.

The changing of the guard ( welcoming the incoming board ) took place during the May guild meeting with Mary Gorfine MCing the event with bead encrusted star wands which she made herself.

Kathleen Herring gave a farewell speech during the June meeting as this was her last month as president. Zoom studio tours this month were the environments of Nancy Wilhelm and Tricia Schroeter.

July we made history with the guilds first male President: Tony DeZego

Vice President of Facilities: Treese Pflum 

Vice President of Programs: Nancy Wilhelm and Cheryl Quesnell

Vice President of Opportunity Quilts: Patti Reyes

Secretary: Kathy Dunham

Treasurer: Calvin Trimpey

Membership: Stephanie Beasley and Marcia Ulrich

Parliamentarian: Janna Calkins

Philanthropy: Jackie Mason and Judi Moran

July had a very sad event and that was the closing of Monica’s Quilt Shop which had been a meeting place for quilters and guild members for several decades. President Tony DeZego and guild member Brian Brown put together a farewell event in Monica’s store which included eats, drinks and a lovely cake. Tony produced a video from this event which can be viewed on YouTube. Monica and her store are greatly missed. 

July zoom studio tours were the environments of Leslie Herbst and Tony DeZego.

Several times during the year guild members had access to the online Global Quilt Connection which has been a great learning tool for many. In August the Coachella Valley Quilt Guild was included in the Quiltfolk Guild Locator.


 In September Ceil Woodward, one of the two co-founders (1985) of our guild passed away. Our guest speaker that month was Kathryn Pellman

Annie Houston hosted a zoom “Gnomes & More “class.

In October the board and members of the Desert Guilds Quilt Show met up in the Cathedral City Library to discuss the 2024 quilt show.

Our guest speaker at the guild meeting that month was Pat Hadfield and it was an in-person presentation with an impressive trunk show. 

We had four Sew What Table events this year in the months of January, April, July and November. They took place at The Joslyn Center in Palm Desert. Leslie Herbst and volunteers worked hard at making these events fun and profitable. The membership table was very busy at the November Sew What with renewals and new members. With those added members we are at 218 strong, the most members in the history of the guild.

Lyric Montgomery Kinard was the November guest speaker.

December was our annual holiday luncheon and this year it was housed at the Desert Willow Resort in Palm Desert. Over 100 members and guests attended. Janna Calkins spearheaded the silent auction, Kathleen Herring the raffle baskets and Patti Reyes with table decorations. The opportunity quilt drawing, membership drawing and Eleanor Burns class drawing also took place. Treese Pflum, vice president of facilities made sure things ran smoothly. Guild historian Robert Tucker handed out hard copies of the History of the CVQG. President Tony DeZego gave a moving speech thanking everyone that makes the guild work.

It is always nice to end the year on a positive note. Philanthropy gals Judi Moran and Jackie Mason reported we received 368 charity quilts in 2022.


Download a copy of Year End Report 2022 Here
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